Golden Chicken

Basic information about the Golden Chicken

The Vodňanské kuře brand brings the Golden Chicken to your table. This is a specially developed breed that has, thanks to the prolonged fattening period, considerably more mature meat and delicious taste. The skin of this breed is bright yellow, which is due to genetic dispositions of the breed.

Golden Chicken

The Golden Chicken breed is a combination of a cock with white feathers and yellow-coloured skin and a hen with red feathers and yellow skin, which is then passed down to their offspring. The result is the Golden Chicken, with white feathers and yellow skin. The fattening period of the Golden Chicken is prolonged to 49 days, which guarantees mature meat and a more intensive taste experience. The Golden Chicken achieves the average live weight of 2 kg. A lower number of chickens per 1 sq. meter of the feeding area provides optimal conditions for natural movement.

Special compound feed

To fatten this type of chicken, we have developed a special compound feed in which the cereal component is prevalent, consisting mainly of maize and wheat, with added soybean and oilseed rape meal. The feed contains no meat-and-bone meal and no energetic concentrates.

Permanently checked production process

The chickens originate exclusively from our own closed breeding farms and the closed breeding farms of our contractual partners in the Czech Republic. The entire production process and the product distribution is continuously monitored by the permanently posted state veterinary service. The multi-stage workflow control guarantees the high quality and the safety of our products.


The chickens come solely from veterinary-checked Czech breeds. We use special compound feeds for the fattening of the chickens.

Slaughtering and processing

The processing takes place in an up-to-date plant that meets all sanitary and veterinary standards of the EU. The operating plants hold the IFS and HACCP certificates.


The products are packed in a controlled atmosphere, which prolongs the durability of the meat. The Golden Chicken can be recognized according to its typical golden foil, which expresses its quality at first sight.


Fresh products are distributed all over the Czech Republic every day.

Finished product

The trade company Vodňanská drůbež, a.s. always brings to your table the best-quality chicken meat of Czech origin, which guarantees an intensive experience of taste.

Range of products of the Golden Chicken

The high quality of this product is based on the manner of breeding and high-quality feed. Also, the actual processing is carried out in a considerate manner, due to which the durability of the meat is significantly prolonged and its taste and natural appearance are fully preserved. The packaging of the meat in a controlled atmosphere meets all high requirements to the quality of sale. The Vodňanské kuře brand brings you a range of products of the Golden Chicken, which include mainly whole chickens and separate parts.

The Golden Chicken and the Golden Chicken portions can be recognized thanks to its typical golden foil, which expresses its quality at first sight.

The Golden Chicken can be bought

in all selected shops of Albert, Billa, Globus, Interspar, Kaufland, Tesco, Makro and in retail network shops.
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