Vodňanská drůbež, a.s.

The czech company with czech heart

Our chickenlives a good life

7 reasons why you should decide for the Chicken of Vodňany … because it is Czech!

Broods of Czech origin

Sources of eggs for Czech hatcheries. We guarantee the traceability starting from the parent flock.

Czech hatcheries

They hatch chicks for fattening on Czech farms.

Compound feeds

Compound feeds are supplied by Czech feed producers.

Czech farms

The fattening of the chickens takes place on the farms of Czech suppliers.

Czech processor – the trade company Vodňanská drůbež, a.s.

Three plants process poultry that comes only from closed Czech breeds.


Regular distribution of products all over the Czech Republic in thermally insulated vehicles every day.


We supply all commercial networks, the medium market, gastro market and the small market with fresh products every day.

Exclusively from Vodňany

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