Peer system

Peer system – a new welfare and quality level

Peer system is a mechanised method of capturing, loading and transporting live poultry. It guarantees a considerate manner of capturing, loading and transporting live poultry, thus significantly improving the welfare standards. Peer system contributes to a considerable degree to a higher product quality and, in view of the increasing requirements of some of our customers who put a lot of emphasis on the correct treatment of live poultry and check its conditions as well as the quality of poultry meat and the final products, “Peer system” has contributed to meeting these requirements. Peer system lowers the costs of the work force, reduces strenuous physical work of the employees and increases work productivity.

The vehicles used by means of the “Peer system” are equipped with ventilation, which guarantees sufficient air circulation in the course of transporting poultry. As the vehicles are equipped with an efficient air-conditioning system, the transport of poultry in the summer and in extremely hot weather is very animal-friendly.



The technology of the Peer system consists of machines for the automatic capturing of slaughter chickens on farms (chicken-harvesters), and of machines for handling the chickens between the chicken-harvester and a means of transport (called Shuttles). It further includes the means of transport carrying the technology for the automatic loading and unloading the chickens (Peer trailers), and of technology on the slaughtering premises for unloading the chickens and their transport to the premises where they are shackled for the slaughter line. All the Peer system machines and equipment are adapted, in terms of construction, to make the process comply with the animal welfare principles and to protect the poultry against possible negative external influences.




It denotes the Dutch system of capturing, handling, transporting and unloading slaughter chickens introduced in our Vodňany plant. This demanding modernization has removed capturing the poultry manually and transporting it in crates.


This up-to-date transport technique includes, apart from full automation, a unique air-conditioning system reacting to temperature changes. It also ensures that the poultry transported is not exposed to distressing situations, not even when the transport is stopped due to an emergency. All these factors have resulted in a significant advance in the quality of the raw material supplied, based on the animal-friendly manner of capturing and subsequent unloading of the poultry for slaughter.


*welfare: animal well-being

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