To ensure the functioning of a website, we sometimes store small data files in your device, called cookies. This is a standard practice of all large websites.

What are the cookie files?

The cookie is a small data file stored by a website in the computer or a mobile device while you are browsing this website. Thanks to this file, the website keeps information about your steps and preferences (for instance your logging name, the language, the font size and other settings) for a certain time, so that you need not set them again when visiting the locality or when browsing the particular pages.

How are cookies used?

This website uses cookies to remember the custom adjustment, for a better adjustment of commercials through the visitor’s interest and for the necessary functionality of the website.

How can cookies be controlled?

You can control or delete cookies at your discretion – see details on the website You can all delete cookies stored in your computer, and you can set most computers to prevent cookies from storing. In such cases, however, you will probably have to modify some settings manually every time you visit the website to make some services and functions work.

How can the use of cookies be refused?

The use of cookies can be set by your internet browser. Most browsers accept cookies automatically during the initial setting. Cookies can be blocked automatically, both jointly and selectively by means of the Ghostery plugin.

How can cookies be removed?

Web browsers are able to delete cookies in the following manner:

Opera, Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer support the following: press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl. Shift . Del and select Delete cookies. Cookies can be deleted as group by means of the CCleaner programme. The basic version of this programme is free of charge.

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